Here are a few key points on how One Place AI works.

1. Choose or create a prompt

We offer different prompts that are already optimized to be used when you request AI. You can also create your own prompts. They are categorized for better organization and easier access.

2. Scenario

A scenario consists of one or multiple AI entities that can be summoned upon request. For instance, you may simultaneously summon ChatGPT and Dall-e to provide you with content.

3. Control or trust

When you ask an AI for content, you have two options. Either you trust it completely, and the retrieved content will be directly disseminated according to the chosen scenario. Or, you want to control it to modify it before sending it. Therefore, it is indeed a matter of "Control or Trust."

4. Broacast using your scenario

Whether you have chosen to control your content or not, it will be disseminated afterwards. You will have previously declared the APIs to which One Place AI will send your content. We are compatible with all APIs, whether they are yours or those of platforms such as ZAPIER and MAKE.

5. Working as a team

One Place AI has been designed to work either alone or as a team. All the content suggested by your AI can therefore be modified by those who have the appropriate permissions.

Join the WaitList !

We haven't opened the beta test reserved for the first users yet. In the meantime, we invite you to register to be among the first to use One Place AI. We can't wait, just like you, to go into production.